Bella The Mini Aussie!

Bella The Mini Aussie!

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What is your name?

Shawn Clark

What is your pets name?

I have a 1.5 year old Mini Australian Sheppard named Bella! 

How did you come to find each other?

My mom has a full grown Australian Shepherd. I loved his energy, patience and intelligence so I decided I wanted to get my own. At the time, I lived in an apartment and friend's mom bred miniatures, so I decided to take the leap! When I was looking at her litter, all the dogs were named after Star Wars characters and she was nicknamed Leia. It was love at first sight. She's the best dog I could ever ask for :)

Does he or she have any pet siblings?

Of course! I don't know any of her direct siblings anymore, but she regularly hangs out with her cousins.

 What does Bella love doing every day?

She loves acting like a human and going to doggy daycare. She's a good doggo.

 Do you guys go on walks together?

We do! She is trained is fully sufficient off a leash too which makes it nice.

What are Bellas favorite summer and winter activities?

Summer: Swimming in the river. She loves the water, unless it is the pool. Bella hates pools.

Winter: Snow. With how long her coat grows, she loves rubbing all over the snow and running around crazy.

Where is Bellas favorite place to take a nap?

Wherever is least convenient for me.

Does she like taking rides in the car?

Loves the car, but insists I pet her while her head is out the window.

What is Bellas favorite treat?

She loves bully sticks. They smell horrible, but she loves the stick.

What is her favorite food?

Wet cat food that she isn't allowed to have. Natural Balance Wet Dog Food is what she likes and is allowed to have

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  • Ramy Mora
    Ramy Mora

    Bella rocks! She is beautiful, smart and super friendly. If she has a sibling, I would take her.

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