Boo the Boxer-Mix!!

Boo the Boxer-Mix!!

This week we got to hang out with Kait and her beautiful Boxer-Mix, Boo! Get to know Boo and then head over and fill out a Frontpet Friends Survey of your own!

Hi there, what’s your name? Hey! My name is Kait

What’s your pet’s name? My dog’s name is Boo, she is a 1.5 year old Boxer Mix!

How did you and Boo come to find each other? I was at the rescue to meet another puppy, and while the volunteer went to find her, I saw Boo who was sitting in a kennel right in the front. She was so small and sweet and cute and I immediately fell in love with her. When the volunteer came back with the other puppy I told her I didn't need to meet the first puppy, I had already found my puppy. Boo came home with me that day!

Does Boo have any pet siblings? No, just some close puppy friends who are practically siblings!

What is Boo’s favorite thing to do every day? Boo loves to walk, hike, snuggle, play with her puppy friends, roll in disgusting things, and eat mystery items at the park!

What are some of her Pet-Peeves? Taking baths, skateboarders, and being asked to do too many tricks before getting a treat.

What is her favorite toy? Boo loves anything with a squeaker that can be played with at any time inconvenient to me- during meetings at work, while I'm on the phone, while we watch TV, etc.

Does she like going on walks? Yup! We walk at least once a day in a park nearby. She loves to run around off leash and play in the creek. I work at CSU Chico and my students love taking her for walks too- she loves to drag them to different grassy spots on campus so that she can roll around on her back.

Does Boo do any tricks? Boo can sit, stay, lay down, stand, bow, and turn in circles. She can also de-fluff any stuffed animal and has the best sad puppy dog face around, so she's great at giving guilt trips.

What is her favorite summertime activity? Boo loves to hike and play in the creek in the summer time. Summer is one of her favorite seasons because more people leave gross food and trash behind in the park and those are some of her favorite delicacies. She loves to race in circles around the park, especially when another dog is chasing her. People always comment on how happy she seems.

What is Boo’s favorite wintertime activity? Boo loves playing in the snow and rain in the winter time. No weather is bad weather for playing outside.

Where is her favorite nap place? Anywhere, as long as she can snuggle up next to someone.

Does Boo like going on car rides? Boo tolerates car rides, but is always a good sport about it.

What is her favorite treat? Whatever you're currently eating!

Does Boo have any cool clothes or costumes? Boo just discovered that she loves her frontpet jacket because it keeps her warm when the house is cold!

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