Caius The Corgi!

Caius The Corgi!

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What is your name? Ellen!

What is your pets name? Caius, he is a 6 year old Corgi!

How did you come to find each other? My husband purchased Caius from a Corgi breeder. I met Caius when he was 3. Joel brought him to visit me the second weekend we were dating.

Does Caius have and pet siblings? Yes, he has one brother!

What does Caius love doing every day? Caius loves to play chase every day. He will run and grab a toy, bark at you daring you to come get his toy and as soon as you show interest the chase is on!

What is his biggest pet-peeve?  He gets so rustled when he hears a doorbell. Even if it's on the TV he will bark expecting that someone is walking through the door. Sometimes we have to open the door to show him there's no one there.

What does Caius love playing with? He loves his red Kong. He enjoys toys that squeak, but it's his mission to destroy the squeaker! If it lasts more than 10 minutes, it's a shock!

Does Caius like going on walks? We love to walk in the park and through the neighborhood. Caius makes friends everywhere he goes! Anyone who looks in his direction instantly gets a show. His tail is docked, so his version of a wagging happy tail is his little nubblet and man does it wiggle! He smiles and gives lots of kisses if people stop to say hello.

Does Caius know any cool tricks? Caius love to use Instagram! You can check him out at @corgicaius

Where does Caius love to nap? Originally, Caius loved to curl up for a nap on our bed. He had some back issues, so now he's not able to jump up onto the bed. He now loves to snuggle up with us on the couch (with help) or he will curl up in his travel kennel.

Does Caius like riding in the car? He is a great traveler. He typically gets to ride in his travel kennel. He loves to go to visit family and we swear he knows each location and what to expect when he gets out of the car.

Be sure to follow Caius on Instagram @corgicaius for more Corgi fun!

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