Cooper the Texas Husky

Cooper the Texas Husky

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Ignacio shared his families story of how they came to own a beautiful Husky in the Great State of Texas!

What is your name?


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What is the breed of your pet?


White Husky with harness

How old is Cooper?

7 months old

How did you come to find each other?

My daughter is an animal lover, and says that when she grows up she wants to become a Vet. Her love for animals is so strong, that while living in Texas she asked for a Husky as a Christmas gift. Low, and behold during our last Christmas in Texas, Santa brought "little" Cooper.

Does cooper have any pet siblings?

Yes, Cooper has one older sibling. Her name is Bubbles, and she is a French Bulldog. As a matter of fact, we can say Cooper has other siblings as well, but these are bigger than him (horses!).

Cooper the Husky and Bubbles

What does Cooper love to do everyday?

He loves to play, run, chew, and bother her sibling when she's asleep.

What are his pet-peeves?

Cooper loves teasing Bubbles when she's asleep. He comes close to her, and with one paw starts touching her until he wakes her up!!

What is his favorite toy? What makes it so special?

He loves playing with a raccoon that has a strong rope inside. I think this toy is special to him, because it has been the only one he has not been able to destroy!! He places the toy in his mouth, and walks around with like, making it look like he just caught one.

Do you go on walks? If so, describe your typical adventure.

Being a Husky, Cooper is desperate about adventures. We go bike riding together, for long walks, to the beach, boating, as well as take him to the stables so that he can play with his much bigger siblings!!

Does Cooper know any tricks?

My daughter watches every single video on youtube that tells you how to train your dog to do tricks. Currently, he knows the basic commands: "Sit", "Paw", and "Jump"... He learned to chase his tail on his own, though!!

What is his favorite summer-time activity?

We haven't gone through a Summer yet, but weather in Texas is all over the place. Sometimes it can get as low as 30, and the next day be as hot as 90. So the days that is hot, he likes to sprayed with garden hoses, or with the house sprinklers. He even barks at them when we turn them off!

White Husky in backyard

What is his or her favorite winter-time activity?

Winter is his favorite season. We have skied with him, done regular sledding, and dog-sledding as well, with older dog to share the load. He loves digging holes in the snow, and playing hide-and-seek under it.

Husky in the snow

Where is his favorite place to take a nap?

Typically near the refrigerator, because he likes to feel the cold from the fridge's door.

Does he like going on rides in the car? If so, where does he love to go?

He loves taking rides in the car, especially when I take the top-off my Jeep!

What is his or her favorite treat?

Cooper will eat anything, but his favorites are Salmon treats.

Does he have any favorite clothes or costumes?

During winter time, and when we are not doing winter activities we put a scarf around his neck.

What is their favorite food? 

Cooper loves both people, and pet food. However, since he is still a Puppy (big puppy though!) we try to stick to pet food. His favorite is Dr. Tim's Dry Food.

We loved learning about Cooper! Do you have a story and a pet you want to share? Click HERE to let us know and be featured!

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