Daisy Mae the Chihuahua-Pekingese

Daisy Mae the Chihuahua-Pekingese

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What is your name?
Diane Carter

What is your pet's name?
Daisy Mae

Daisy with her toy.

What is the breed of your pet?

What is the sex of your pet?

How old is he or she?
6 years

Daisy in the yard

How did you come to find each other?
Daisy came to me through a few shelters after her original owner turned her into a shelter. My friend adopted Daisy in San Jose, CA for her mother who has Alzheimer's. After a month, the mother became possessive with Daisy and wouldn't let go of her. My friend was going to take Daisy back to the shelter. We stopped by for a visit and my friend asked if we wanted to take Daisy home with us, we said "YES". Daisy have been with us for 3 years and we love her dearly.

Does he or she have any pet siblings?

What does he or she love to do everyday?
Sleep with my husband in his recliner, chase squeaky toys all over the house, roam around the backyard as long as it's not raining, Daisy doesn't like rain.

What are his or her pet-peeves?
Her feelings get hurt when she thinks we are not paying enough attention to her.

What is his or her favorite toy?
Her current favorite squeaky toys are a small, soft rubber ball (Zanies) that she carries in her mouth and a Kong plush teddy

Daisy with her Toy

What is your fondest memory with him/her?
Daisy and I had a car accident, we were both really scared but not hurt. Daisy was afraid to get in my car after the accident. We worked with a trainer to help Daisy overcome her fear of my car.and the first time she jumped in my car and into her car seat was amazing and wonderful!!

Do you go on walks?
Yes, we walk all over our neighborhood. Daisy loves to meet new dogs along the way and sniff all the messages her friends have left for her.

Does he or she know any tricks?
Yes, Daisy can sit pretty, lay down. sit, stay, rollover and loves to jump in the air.

Favorite summer-time activity?
Going for walks

Favorite winter-time activity?
Zoomies up and down the hallway, up on the couch, down off the couch, back down the hallway carrying her favorite squeaky toy.

Favorite place to take a nap?
With my husband in his recliner.

Do they like going on rides in the car?
yes, especially when my husband drives and she can sit on my lap

What is his or her favorite food or treat?
Starmark training treats

Favorite clothes or costumes?
Pretty harnesses

What is their favorite food?
Cooked chicken


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