Diesel, The German Shepherd

Diesel, The German Shepherd

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This week's FrontPet Friends features Nancy and her German Shepherd buddy, Diesel. Meet the fun-loving pair as Nancy tells us all about their adventures - we guarantee Diesel will charm you, too!

What is your name? Hello, Frontpet Friends, I'm Nancy Baraff. 

What is your pet's name? This handsome guy is Diesel. 

What is the breed of your pet? He's a German Shepherd, which explains his good looks and strong build!

What is the sex of your pet? Diesel's a male German Shepherd. 

How old is he or she? He's only 1 year old.

How did you come to find each other? When I met Diesel, it has been 6 months since I lost my girl. Diesel came to me for training when he was just 7 months old. Being a young pup, he has high levels of energy. This, combined with his working drive and love of play was too dynamic for his family then. I felt ready to give it a try and welcome Diesel into my life. After all, it was love at first sight!

Does he or she have any pet siblings? Not yet!

What does he or she love to do every day? Diesel loves to fetch. Anything you can throw, he can go and fetch it!

What are his or her pet-peeves? He's not very happy about bath time.

What is his or her favorite toy? Diesel likes to play around with many things but his absolute favorite is his football.

What is your fondest memory with him or her? My fondest memory is probably all our cuddle moments. He may be 83 lbs but he loves to sit on your lap and cuddle!

Do you go on walks? Absolutely! Diesel and I love to spend time together walking. In fact, we walk 2-8 miles a day. We are always on the lookout for new parks and adventures.

Does he or she know any tricks? He certainly does. Diesel can identify his left and right paw. He can kiss and stand on command and switch from left and right side heeling. He also loves to weave around and walk in between my legs. Diesel is learning to crawl and walk backwards. 

Favorite summer-time activity? Diesel loves to swim, relax in his pool or catch bubbles during warm days.

Favorite winter-time activity? He enjoys walking and playing fetch during winter. The cold doesn't stop Diesel from enjoying the outdoors!

Favorite place to take a nap? He enjoys nap time on top of the airconditioning floor vet.

Do they like going on rides in the car? Diesel loves car rides. He enjoys coming to work with me and getting to our new location where he trains, plays, and explores.

What is his or her favorite food or treat? Diesel's favorite treats are beef Pizzles, dehydrated beef lung, and Primal Raw Marrow Bones. He also loves eating pig ears and duck feet.

Favorite clothes or costumes? Diesel wears many seasonal bandannas that make him look so dapper. He's also very proud of himself when he gets to wear his backpack.

What is their favorite food? Diesel enjoys many kinds of food but his favorite is Pumpkin purée along with Primal Bome Broth added to his food.


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