Eclaire The Chocolate Lab!

Eclaire The Chocolate Lab!

This week we got to hang out with Eclaire and her owner Nancy! Get to know this beautiful Chocolate Lab and be sure to fill out a Frontpet Friends submission of your own for exclusive discounts and a chance to be featured on our newsletter!

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Hi, what’s your name?

Hi! My name is Nancy Cook.

What is your pets name?

My dogs name is Eclaire. She is a 9 month old chocolate lab!

How did you and Eclaire come to be your pet?

There was a add in a pet store for her litter and I knew she had to be a part of our family!

Does Eclaire have any pet siblings?

Yes! She has a 10 year Jack Russel pug brother named Jack and a 11 year old kitten named Nuggie

What are some of her pet-peeves?

Gordon Ramsey, when he's on tv they all hide.

What is Eclaire’s favorite toy?

Water and tennis balls

Do you go on walks?

I have bad feet so it's the pool in the back yard or the dog park!

Does Eclaire know any cool tricks?

Eclaire is on her way to being a very talented pup! Right now she is working on learning cool tricks!

What are some of her favorite seasonal activities?

She LOVES water during the summer!

We will have to update you on the winter since she has yet to see cold weather!

Where is Eclaire’s favorite place to take a nap?

She loves to curl up under the bed to take a nice snooze!

Does Eclaire like to go on car rides?


What is her favorite treat?

She loves yogurt!

Does she have any cool clothes or costumes?

She doesn't have any clothes but she loves to wear her favorite blanket!

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