Izzy The Boston Terrier Pug!

Izzy The Boston Terrier Pug!
This week we were able to get our friend Mariah back to let us interview her about one of her other fur-babies, Izzy! Get to know this spunky Boston & Pug mix in this edition of Frontpet Friends!

Hi there, what’s your name? My name is Mariah :)

What’s your pet’s name? Izzy (Named after Isabel Stevens from Greys Anatomy) is a Boston Terrier/Pug, she is 2 ½ years old!

How did you and Izy come to find each other? I was looking online for a few weeks trying to find the perfect pup for my boyfriends birthday. We came across a picture of Izzy and she was so tiny and cute that we had to go meet her. We met the lady at a park in Roseville CA and we took her home right then and there. She was perfect for us!

Does Izzy have any pet siblings? Yes! She has a sister Misty(Chihuahua), Sister Koda (German Shepherd) and sister Storm (Bengal/Manx Cat). Misty has her own article in Frontpet Friends!

What is Izzy’s favorite thing to do every day? Izzy loves to run around and play! She will drop her toy right in front of us and whine until one of us throws it……... She’s very hyper!

What are some of her Pet-Peeves? Izzy does not like her sister Koda stealing her bones!

What is her favorite toy? Izzy loves to play with her Kong toy called a Wubba. She carries it with her everywhere and drives her mom and dad nuts with the squeaker inside.

Does she like going on walks? Yes! She loves to go out on walks even though she isn’t too good at walking on a leash. She loves sniffing everything in sight.

Does Izzy do any tricks? She knows how to sit and stay pretty well, but she only likes to do it if she knows there’s a treat involved!

What is Izzy’s favorite thing to do during the summer? Izzy loves to go swimming! She will be the first one in the pool and will stay afloat for hours! If she’s not swimming then she is happy laying on a pool floaty :)

What does she like to do in the winter? Izzy loves to cuddle in the winter. She will curl up next to you on the couch and snore her little heart out.

Where is her favorite nap place? Anywhere and everywhere! She loves her nap times.

Does Izzy like going on car rides? Yes! She loves going on car rides. When she was a puppy her dad used to take her to work everyday which was an hour and a half car ride. Now whenever you ask her to go for a ride she is more than happy to be your co-pilot.

What is her favorite treat? She loves her rawhide bones! She always has a few different ones laying around the house.

Does Izzy have any cool clothes or costumes? Izzy likes to wear her Christmas sweaters and match her sister Misty.

What is her favorite food? Izzy likes to eat anything and everything! She isn’t too picky but her favorite thing to munch on is an ice cube. As soon as she hears the maker she knows she will get one :)

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