Kleo The Rottweiler!

Kleo The Rottweiler!

This week we had the opportunity to hang out with Daren and his pup Kleo! Get to know this beautiful Rottweiler and fill out a Frontpet Friends submission of your own!

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What is your name?

Hi, im Daren.

What is your pets name?

My dogs name is Kleo, she is a 4 year old Rottweiler!

How did you and Kleo come to find each other?

I found Kleo from a local breeder here in Northern California. My brother, who also has a Rottweiler named Maya, found this breeder when he bred his Maya in 2010. My mother actually ended up keeping a puppy from my Maya's litter and I later found out that her puppy and Kleo actually share the same father! You could say we are a Rotti family!

Does Kleo have any pet siblings?

Kleo and my mothers dog are actually half sisters! She also has a very close friend in my other puppy, Dexter. The three of us also spend a good amount of time with my brothers dogs Maya (another Rott) and Doogan (Black Lab).

What does Kleo love doing every day?

Kleo's favorite activity is sleeping on the couch! She is a burst of energy in the morning, followed by a lump on the couch in the afternoon. Her favorite past time during the spring and summer is definitely playing in her dog pool.

What is her biggest pet-peeve?

Squirrels! Kleo loves all animals, but squirrels for some reason didn't make that list.

What is Kleo's favorite toy?

Kleo's favorite to must be her rope. She loves to play tug-of-war with her friend Dexter, and they have gotten very good at it!

Do you and Kleo go on walks?

We try to go on walks fairly often and normally they are to Upper Bidwell Park in Chico, CA. Kleo enjoys being off leash and meeting as many other people and dogs as possible. Her favorite part of our hikes is definitely playing in the river!

Does she know any cool tricks?

Kleo knows a hand full of tricks. She sits, lays down and stays very well, but her signature tricks are High-Five (shake) and 360 (spin around). She has a pre meal routine of giving me a High-Five followed with a well executed 360!

What are some of her favorite seasonal activities?

During the summer she loves playing in her Frontpet dog pool. 

In the winter she loves sleeping and cuddling on the couch with us, she is a 100lb lap dog who has never herd of personal space!

Does Kleo enjoy car rides?

Kleo does enjoy car rides very much. She always has her head out of the window, slobbering all over the outside of my truck. Her favorite place to go would be her grandmothers house to play with her sister!

What is her favorite treat?

All of them! Kleo shows no favoritism toward treats or food. They are all delicious!

Does Kleo have any cool clothes or costumes?

No, Kleo doesn't exactly fit in most popular dog clothes. Though she did make an adorable sherif for her first Halloween!

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