Liza the mixed Lab

Liza the mixed Lab

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What is your name?

What is your pet's name?

Liza sunbathing with her toy.

What is the breed of your pet?
Lab mix

What is the sex of your pet?

How old is he or she?

How did you come to find each other?
We adopted Liza from a shelter in February 2017, she had been at the shelter for 2 months and we fell in love with her immediately. She was heartworm positive but she has since been treated and is now 100% healthy!

Does he or she have any pet siblings?
She has a big brother (cat) named Trouble!

Liza hanging out with Trouble

What are his or her pet-peeves?
When her brother Trouble is getting all the attention!

What is his or her favorite toy?
What is your fondest memory with him/her

Do you go on walks?
Her favorite activity is hiking and exploring! We go hiking a few times a month and she absolutely loves it!

Liza on a hiking trip

Does he or she know any tricks?
So far she knows sit, lie down, roll-over, give both paws, jump, stay, and beg!

Favorite summer-time activity?
She was on crate rest all of summer 2017 for her treatment but we have lots of beach and hiking adventures planned

Liza loving the beach

Favorite place to take a nap?
On the couch, she's a true couch potato when she's not out exploring

What is his or her favorite food or treat?
She loves all kinds of treats, particularly peanut butter and lunch meat


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