Macie The Boxer!

Macie The Boxer!

This week we had the pleasure of hanging out with Macie and her owner Joe! Macie may look familiar because she has been featured in some of our product shots! Get to know Macie and be sure to fill out a Frontpet Friend form for yourself!

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Hi, whats your name? 

Hey there, name is Joe.

What is your pets name? 

My pups name is Macie, she is an 8 year old boxer!

How did you and Macie come to find each other?

My dad brought her home the summer going in to my Senior year of highschool. She was intended to be a family dog but her and I bonded almost immediately. I spent the remainder of my summer training her, going for walks and taking her to the lake. Once it came time for me to move out we all agreed that Macie and I should stick together so she came with me to College and the rest is history! 

Does Macie have any pet siblings? 

Yes! Macie has a sister named Olive, she is a Chihuahua!

What does Macie love doing every day?

Macie loves to sleep and makes sure to get in at least 16 hours a day!

We also spend a lot of time playing fetch, going on walks and hanging out on the couch!

What is her biggest pet-peeve?

Macie is not a fan of the mailman! Whenever he is in our neighborhood she makes sure to bark at him until he is at a safe distance!

Where does Macie like to go for walks?

Macie loves going on hikes! Her favorite trail is in Bidwell Park because it has a shaded path and is very close to the water so she can run in and take a dip whenever she wants to cool down along the way!

Does she know any cool tricks?

Macie knows all the basics but her favorite trick by far is to give high fives! 

What is Macie's favorite summertime activity?

Macie is a great swimmer. During the summer she will spend hours chasing after sticks that I throw in to the lake for her!

What is her favorite winter activity?

Staying inside where its warm and dry! Macie loves the water but HATES the rain and cold weather so she spends the majority of her winters snuggled up in bed. 

Does Macie like to go for rides?

Yes! Macie's favorite activity is going for rides! She is a pro at hanging out the window and enjoying the nice breeze when we drive to the park! 

What is her favorite treat?

Macie loves hitting Starbucks for a nice Pupachino! For those of you who don't know, a Pupachino is a small cup filled with whipped cream. Next time your getting a PSL be sure to grab something for your pup!

Does Macie have any cool costumes?

Yes! Macie loves(hates) getting dressed up! The best costume is her robe and shower cap! We have a painting of it hanging above our toilet!

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