Maximus The Lab-Rottweiler!

Maximus The Lab-Rottweiler!

This week Paris and her dog Max stopped by for an interview! Get to know them both and fill out  a Frontpet Friends form of your own!

What is your name? Hi, my name is Paris!

What is your pets name? My dog's name is Maximus(Max for short). He is a lab-rottweiler 

How did you come to find each other? My co workers neighbor had found him wandering around the fairgrounds. At the time he had to have been about six months old. He brought him into the office and I just fell in love with him. Unfortunately he must have been abandoned because no one claimed him on craiglist or the butte humane's society.

Does Max have any pet siblings? Yes, a kitty who pretends most of the time that he doesn't exist :)

What does Max love to do every day? He is full of energy all of the time, if he could, he would play fetch or ball all day every day

What are some of his pet-peeves? I am not sure if he has any really!

What is Max's favorite toy? He's pretty spoiled and has a lot of toys so it changes often, but right now he is obsessed with the reindeer we got him a couple weeks ago

Do you and Max go on walks? We be sure to get him out of the house every day if possible, usually it's just around the neighborhood but on the weekends we like to take him to the park and go on hikes!

Does he know any tricks? Yes, he can sit, spin around, and lay down all at once but only if it involves a treat!

What is Max's favorite summertime activity? Playing and splashing in the water!

Where is his favorite place to take a nap? Probably on our bed if we let him, but he also loves his bed, usually if we're gone we find him laying in that when we come home

Does Max like going on rides? Absolutely, he would go everywhere with us if he could

What is his favorite treat? Anything and everything, if it's food, he'll eat it!

Does Max wear any clothes? He has a rain jacket that he likes to wear, it keeps him pretty dry.

What is his favorite food? We feed him Taste of the Wild and you can be sure he tells us it's breakfast and dinner every day at the same time

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