Misty The Chihuahua!

Misty The Chihuahua!
This week we got to meet our smallest Frontpet Friend so far! Get to know Misty and her owner Mariah!

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Hi! Whats your name?

My name is Mariah :)

What is your pets name?

My dogs name is Misty, she is a 12 year old Chihuahua

How did you come to find Misty?

When I was 9 years old I begged my parents to get me a puppy for my 10th birthday. I spent weeks before looking online with my dad to find the perfect pup. Unfortunately I was not having a lot of luck so the first email that I received back, we jumped on and met two ladies with a little dog. She was tiny, frightened and did not look like she was loved enough. I knew that I had to have her and give her a home where she was valued and loved!

Does Misty have any pet siblings?

Yes, she has her sister Izzy (Boston Terrier Pug), her sister Koda (German Shepherd) and another sister Storm (Bengal Manx Cat)

What is Misty's favorite thing to do?

Misty loves to cuddle. She spends most of her day cuddling up to me or or her dad. She loves a good belly rub too!

What are Misty's "pet-peeves"?s

Misty does not like when her sisters will try and eat her food!!

What is Misty's favorite toy?

Misty has never enjoyed toys, but what she does love is a nice soft fuzzy blanket. If there is a new blanket in the house it will quickly become hers because that is her go to item to sleep on!

Does Misty like going on walks?

We don't go on walks too often with Misty because she doesn't enjoy wearing a collar. When we do go out she is very well behaved and doesn't even need to be on a leash. She will stay right next to you and walk as fast as her little legs can go :)

What does Misty like doing during the summer?

Misty loves to be out in the sunshine. At the end of the day when you call her in to come inside, she will wait until the sun goes down so that she can soak in as much sun as she can before coming in the house!

What does she enjoy during the winter?

Misty likes to stay inside when it's cold out and wear a nice cozy sweater!

Where does Misty like to nap?

Next to her dad on the couch :)

Does Misty like taking rides in the car?

Misty has gone in the car her whole life, but it is always a hit or miss on if she is going to like it. If the window is down then she loves to stick her little head out, but when it is up she would rather lay down on the floor and sleep!

What is her favorite treat?

Anything and everything!

What is Misty's favorite thing to wear?

She loves her Christmas sweaters!

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