Olive The Chihuahua!

Olive The Chihuahua!

This week we brought in Olive the Chihuaua for an interview! Olive is a member of the Frontpet family and you can find her posing in Frontpet product photos from time to time! Get to know Olive and her owner Megan then fill out a Frontpet Friends form of your own!



Hey! Whats your name? Hii, I'm Megan!

Whats your pets name? My dogs name is Olive, she is an 8 year old Chihuahua 

How did you and Olive find each other? Olive was a surprise from my mom for my 18th birthday. She was just a puppy when her first owner decided to give her up and when we went to pick her up to take her home she was living outside, covered in fleas and very skinny. She knew we were there to help her and she trusted us right away. After a good bath and some flea medicine she was good as new and instantly fit in as part of the family!

Does Olive have any pet siblings? Yes! She has a sister named Macie, a 9 year old boxer!

What does Olive love to do every day? Olive LOVES to sleep and stay warm. She will often disappear at night if we stay up too late in the living room and put herself to bed. If Olive is missing you are guaranteed to find her under a blanket somewhere! 

What are Olives Pet-Peeves? Olive hates the mailman! 

What her favorite toy? Olive has a hard time keeping toys around because her sister will normally destroy them. Right now her go to is a mini lamb chop squeeky toy!

Do you and Olive go on walks? Yes! Olive loves going on short walks! If its too long she will simply stop walking and make me carry her the rest of the way!

Does she know any tricks? Know? Yes! But good luck getting her to do anything she doesnt feel like doing...unless there are treats involved! 

What is Olives favorite summertime activity? Olive loves to find the sunny spot on the patio and bask until the last ray is gone! 

What is her favorite winter time activity? Olive is not much of a cold weather dog. Usually she spends November-February wrapped up in blankets, she hardly goes outside at all!

Does she like going on car rides? Yes! She loovves being in the car! Sometimes if you leave the garage door open she will sneak in the car and hitch a ride to work with you!

What is her favorite treat? Olive likes raw hides but she is pretty adventurous and will try anything- even broccoli!

Does she have any cool costumes or outfits? Yes! She loves getting dressed up for Christmas! 


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    Ohhh!!!! Oli!!!!!! ?

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