Oliver, the Schnauzer-Shitzu mix

Oliver, the Schnauzer-Shitzu mix

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What is your name? Damon Isan

What is your pet's name? Oliver

Oliver the dog lounging

What is the breed of your pet? Schnauzer Shitzu mix

What is the sex of your pet? He

How old is he or she? Around 1-2 years of age

How did you come to find each other?
We had lost our two other dogs in the timespan of 7 months apart on July 2016 and February 2017. I found Oliver after MONTHS of searching Craigslist(which is very sketchy if not careful). My mom didn't like the idea of having another pet at the time as we had just gotten over the loss of our two dogs, but when I had shown my mom the pictures of Oliver, she knew I was being serious. We contacted the owner on June 9, 2017 and immediately wet to see Oliver. After 5 minutes of introductions, we got Oliver.

More lounge time for Oliver

Does he or she have any pet siblings?
Yes! He has two rat sisters

What does he or she love to do everyday?
He loves being on top of the couch while looking out the window

What is his or her favorite toy?
Oliver loves chewing on fabric, so my mom made him a variety of fabric tug toys

What is your fondest memory with him/her?
I think my fondest memory with Oliver would have to be giving him a new home.

Does he or she know any tricks?
Oliver knows sit, down, and sit pretty/penguin.

Favorite place to take a nap?
My mom's bed

Oliver with his toy

Do they like going on rides in the car?
Yes. Whenever we go in the car, he always thinks that he's allowed to go with. Sometimes, we take him PetSmart or our local dog groomer.

Favorite clothes or costumes?
Oliver loves sweaters and bandanas. I'm currently in the process of making a few more bandanas, but he ALWAYS gets a bandana after he gets a haircut.

Oliver buddy

What is their favorite food?
Oliver oddly enough loves lettuce. Most of the dogs that my family has owned would spit out the lettuce or wouldn't even look at it, but Oliver enjoys eating lettuce. At first, he wasn't so sure about it, but he then was eating it like it was nothing.


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