Petey The Boxer Pitbull Mix!

Petey The Boxer Pitbull Mix!

This week Carren and her pup Petey stopped by to say hi! Get to know Petey and fill out a Frontpet Friends for your own pet for your chance to be featured in our weekly newsletter!

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Hi, what’s your name?

My name is Carren Copeland!

What is your pets name?

My pups name is Petey, he is a 4 year old boxer & pitbull mix!

How did you and Petey come to be your pet?

Petey was in our towns 4th of July parade with a group of shelter dogs. It was a love at first sight. The next day we went to the shelter and got him :)

Does Pety have any pet siblings?

He has two kittens that love him and that he tolerates...

What does Pety like doing every day?

Go to the beach, take long walks and more than anything go to our Farmers market on Saturday and get lots of pets from all who attend :)

What are some of his pet-peeves?

Some times he gets upset with the kitties when they try to eat his food. But he is never mean just gives them a woof!

What is Petey’s favorite toy?

Loves all his basket of shredded toys. Pull toys are his favorite and stuff animals that can be eaten in record time!

Do you go on walks?

Every day either downtown to the post office or if its nice to the beach.

Does Petey know any cool tricks?

Can sit, up shake hands

What are some of his favorite seasonal activities?

During the summer Petey loves jumping into the lake for a swim or a long run on the beach!

When it’s a little colder outside he likes curling up in our leather chair or sneaking into our bed in the morning!

Does Petey like to go on car rides?

Yes! Petey goes everywhere with us in the car wherever we go.

What is is favorite treat?

Petey loves his bacon bits!

Does he have any cool clothes or costumes?

Petey has a raincoat but doesn't like it at all!!

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