Pizza the Tabby Cat

Pizza the Tabby Cat

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Here we have the famous pizza the cat! Pizza is the first cat submission we've had to Frontpet Friends.

What is your name? Mat

What is your pet's name? Pizza

Pizza the cat in blue bandanna.


What is the breed of your pet? Tabby

What is the sex of your pet? She

How old is he or she? Spring chicken

How did you come to find each other? She is a rescue kitty.

Pizza in harness

Does he or she have any pet siblings? RIP Small Mike

What does he or she love to do everyday? Play string. Nap. Watch birds. Crunch out.

What are his or her pet-peeves? Sneak disses - she don’t like

What is his or her favorite toy? Black string

What is your fondest memory with him/her?

One time we were sitting down and then pizza opened a hole in the dimension and we went to a cave. She opened the cave. The cave smelled like strawberry. Pizza crushed the wall. Major crunch out. Then we found twelve thousand gold. We rich now baby.

Pizza the Cat in Pizza sweater.

Do you go on walks? Sometimes so she can get pics for her Instagram

Pizza the Cat in Halloween costume.

Favorite summer-time activity? Nap

Favorite winter-time activity? Nap

Favorite place to take a nap? In her cat tree

Do they like going on rides in the car? Not really

Pizza the Cat boop booth.

What is his or her favorite food or treat? String treats

Pizza the Cat with Pizza Cake

Favorite clothes or costumes? Pizza shirt from Dwight’s animal apparel

What is their favorite food? Chicken livers


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