Prince Logan the Japanese Spitz

Prince Logan the Japanese Spitz

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What is your name?
Donna Ganzon

What is your pet's name?
Prince Logan

Prince Logan chilling in the grass.

What is the breed of your pet?
Japanese Spitz

What is the sex of your pet?

How old is he?
He turned 7 last month.

Prince on his birthday.

How did you come to find each other?
I've been wanting to have a dog for a long time but had some qualms about it. I came across a newspaper ad about dogs being put up for adoption and went to see the dogs anyway. Prince was a little different from the other pups. He was sort of shy but a little mischievous. I knew right then I had to take him home!

Does he or she have any pet siblings?

What does he love to do everyday?
When he was a puppy, he loves to play fetch and chew on stuff. Now, he enjoys belly rubs, running around our yard, sleeping, and being doted on by his family!

What are his pet-peeves?
He doesn't like it when other dogs get a little too rowdy.

What is his favorite toy?
A stuff toy that he got on his birthday.

What is your fondest memory with him?
This is a little tricky because everyday with Prince is fun. I especially like it when he wakes me up in the morning by jumping on my bed or when I have to stay late working and he keeps me company. He stays up with me and won't go to sleep until I finish working. He's also a great comforter. Whenever I'm feeling down or under the weather, he doesn't leave my side and would even skip playing outside the house just to keep me company!

Do you go on walks?
Yes, we do -- although he only likes going on walks when it's early morning or in the evening.

Does he know any tricks?
He knows the basics -- stand or stay when you ask him to. He also knows how to knock on doors. He also has a way of telling us when he wants to go outside the house to do his business. He taps on you and bounds toward the door to show you he wants to go out.
Then when he wants to come back in, he raps on the door so we can slide it open for him. The funny thing is nobody taught him how to do this.

Favorite summer-time activity?
Staying cool - it's very humid where we live and Prince is very fluffy so he likes to stay cool during the summer -- that includes enjoying some ice cream!

Favorite winter-time activity?
Prince likes it when it's cold. He likes finding cozy spots to take naps.

Favorite place to take a nap?
He likes jumping on my bed and take a nap there.

Do they like going on rides in the car?
Unfortunately, no. He gets fidgety in cars.

What is his or her favorite food or treat?
Dentastix. Although he eats other treats, nothing makes him as excited as getting a Dentastix!

Favorite clothes or costumes?
He hates putting on clothes or costumes. He stays put when we make him wear a party hat or bow tie on his birthdays though!

Prince Logan squeee

What is their favorite food?
He enjoys steak and minced beef!


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