Sirius The Pitbull!

Sirius The Pitbull!
This week Ryan and Sirius took some time to hang out and answer some questions. Get to know this adventurous duo in this weeks Frontpet Friends!

Hey there, what’s your name? Hi, im Ryan

What is your pets name? My dogs name is Sirius Black, he is a 5 year old Pit Bull

How did you and Sirius come to find each other? At the time I was attending track practice at Chico State and our track stadium is right next to the railroad tracks. My sister was walking to practice and found a small puppy walking the tracks all by himself. She brought him with her to practice and we knew then that we had to keep him and he's been a part of the family ever since!

Does Sirius have any pet siblings? Not Yet!

What does Sirius love doing every day? We go for a walk every day in the nearby Bidwell Park with his best friend Boo (my girlfriend's boxer). Squirrels are always on the radar. He also love watching jeopardy and sleeping under the covers. Also, TREATS!

What are some of his “pet-peeves”? Walking on metal grates on the sidewalk, eating off hardwood floor (have to put the bowl on a rug), wearing any type of clothing, people who don't like Harry Potter!

What is his favorite toy? Typically it's any person after they've just got done with a run or gym. He loves licking. Really, he'll just sit an lick your jeans. Other than humans, he enjoys playing Tug-O-War with ropes and sticks. He's pretty strong:)

Do you and Sirius go on walks? Every day at lower Bidwell Park in Chico. If you haven't been, you must go check it out!

Does Sirius know any cool tricks? Not really. Although -- we have a telepathic connection... sometimes. He's really good off leash and will always stay right by my side. He just kinda figured it out on his own. Also, sometimes if you leave your sandwich out on the coffee table he can make it disappear:)

What is his favorite summer time activity? 100% his favorite thing to do in the summer is to dive for rocks in the creek. This isn't just swimming, it's fully submerging himself under water and diving down to grab the largest rock he can find.


Favorite winter time activity? Ummm --- this has to be laying by the fire. He's not a big fan of cold weather:)

Where does Sirius like to nap? On the couch or in my bed. Wherever!


Does he like going on car rides? Oh heck yeah! Windows down year round!

What is his favorite outfit? He prefers his birthday suit;)


What is his his favorite food? Hmm -- sandwiches and cheeseburgers although he's not too picky in this department. However, he will not eat your vegetables.

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