Skittles The Golden-Doodle!

Skittles The Golden-Doodle!

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What is Your Name?

My name is Rachel 

Whats Your Pets Name & Breed?

We have a one and a half year old Golden Doodle(half golden retriever and half poodle) named Skittles!


How Did You & Skittles Come to Find Each Other?

We wanted to get a first puppy for my daughter, Zoey (5), for Christmas last year. Some of our super dog-savvy friends recommended tracking down a goldendoodle, because they are supposedly smart and great family dogs. We picked the sleepiest runt of the litter, and on Christmas morning gave him to Zoey at 8 weeks old. When he popped out of the box, she looked at him and the first thing out of her mouth was "How did you know I wanted a dog named Skittles?!"

Does Skittles Have Any Siblings?

Skittles has 2 cat siblings who ignore him as loudly as possible, with occasional bops on the nose. He just wants to play!

What Are Skittles Pet-Peeves?

Skittles HATES being outside when his people are inside the house where he can see them. He will stand up and paw on the screens and glass doors nonstop until he gets let in. He has torn up probably 3 screen doors and a screen window at this point.

What Is His Favorite Toy?

Skittles doesn't have a particular favorite toy as much as he loves to run off with whatever Zoey's favorite toy of the moment is. It's an ongoing battle to make sure that her most precious stuffed animals don't get their noses and eyes ripped out. He somehow always knows which ones are the most "special to her" that particular week.

Where Is Skittles Favorite Place to Nap?

On my pillow, or on top of me, always. He's a mama's boy 100%.

What Is His Favorite Food?

Skittles is so weird with treats! If you hand him food off of your own plate he will barely take it he's too polite, but that never stops him from standing up on his hind legs when no one is there and eating whatever is possible to reach off the counter!


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