Steven Tyler the Yorkshire Terrier

Steven Tyler the Yorkshire Terrier

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What is your name?

What is your pet's name?
Tyler ( Steven Tyler)

Tyler lounging on the couch.

What is the breed of your pet?
Yorkshire Terrier

What is the sex of your pet?

How old is he?

How did you come to find each other?
In a very difficult time of my life. Right after finding out that my mother unexpectedly pass away and my relationship was in its last stages as well I've found myself wanting someone genuely loving amd loyal around. Then i got the phone number from some newspaper. I have always loved metal music and the thought of having a long hair dog was quite amusing. Reason why I named him after Steven Tyler. He was not the one originally for sell in the advertisement but i managed to convinced the lady that he was the dog for me because I did not wanted a new born puppy and that i was happy to buy a seven months old dog. Our encounter was just like when Charlie Brown met Snoopy. It was the happiest moment I had in the last ten years!

Does he have any pet siblings?
Yes mostly girls

What does he or she love to do everyday?
Play with 3 puppies

What is his or her favorite toy?
Never crazy about a specific toy.

What is your fondest memory with him/her ?
He goes with me almost everywhere! Even international flies, restaurants, hotels. If he is not welcome then that is not a place for me to go.

Does he or she know any tricks?
He turns around to be pick up from the floor and give you hi five.

Favorite summer-time activity?
Running around with his little family. 3 puppies and the mother.

Favorite winter-time activity?
Watching tv and cuddling with me.

Favorite place to take a nap?
Always next to a special person to him.

Tyler staying warm

Do they like going on rides in the car?
Almost every time I have a chance.

What is his or her favorite food or treat?
No treats since he has food allegies. He gets Hydrolized Royal Canine protein only. And he loves it!

Favorite clothes or costumes?
Only when is really cold. He wears a hoodie.

Tyler in sunglasses

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