Choosing The Right Cat Tower For Your Home

Choosing The Right Cat Tower For Your Home

Cat trees and towers are a staple in any cats home in order to ensure your cats are able to perch, climb and play. Providing a cat with their own space is vital to the cats health by keeping them active and mentally stimulated. An occupied cat is a good cat and a bored cat is a DESTRUCTIVE cat. Boredom will often lead to scratching and other unwanted mischief around the house! 

The dilemma with most cat furniture is twofold:

1. Traditional cat furniture is not very attractive and often times will throw off the decor that you spent so much time and money perfecting in your home by adding a big carpeted monstrosity to the middle of your living room! 

2.  It falls apart quickly. Most cat furniture is made of compressed particle board wrapped in carpet. Cats love to scratch at carpet which will quickly cause the exterior to fall apart. The carpet material is also good at catching fur and absorbing smell. 

If you decide to purchase a traditional cat tree you will soon be left with a big, ugly smelly mess in the middle of your living space! BUT we have a solution! Below you will find a list of some of our favorite modern wood cat furniture offers that looks great and outlasts other cat towers! 




1. Willow Cat Tree by Frontpet Lux

The Willow Cat Tower is a sheer piece of art. Boasting a deep brown finish and multiple platforms for climbing and a bottom compartment that allows your cat to hide and relax this cat modern piece is a real conversation piece and looks great in most living rooms. A favorite amongst humans and cats! Check it out here!


2. Apex Cat Tower 

Perhaps the most unique pice in the collection is the  Apex Cat Tower. This cat tree is great because of its curved design and protruding shelves that allow your cats a lot more room to explore than a normal tower. The truly amazing thing about this cat tree is its versatility. The unfinished wood gives a beautiful natural feel all on its own, but with a little paint and some creativity you can customize this cat tower to be any color you like and allows you to make the tree fit your living space perfectly! Check it out here! 

3. Bubble Cat Tree 

The Bubble Cat Tree is a great option for smaller spaces. Its geometrical design allows you to fit it into corners, giving your room a little extra something and your cat a whole lot more to love about their home! The Bubble cat tree offers a more secure and confined feel that cats love! while also still giving them the full range of multiple climbing platforms. Similar to the Apex tree the Bubble tower comes unfinished allowing you to use as is or to customize to your hearts desire! 


Built Better To Last Longer

Each one of the Frontpet Cat Trees are made of real wood and are assembled with real hardware(not staples and glue like normal trees) which means you are getting a cat tree that will last longer, repel odor and remain sturdy no matter how many cats you have!\

Frontpet does its best to give back to the community and has donated our shelves to local humane societies to test the durability of our trees and they passed with flying colors! Check out the video Here

Frontpet offers 15% off all of their cat furniture at when you sign up for their news letter! 

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  • Julie

    Plastic cube system looks great, but any size and color options?
    It says XL so are there smaller options? And a more neutral color option?

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