Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer! The Guide to A Healthy & Happy Summer Pup

Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer! The Guide to A Healthy & Happy Summer Pup

The summer is perhaps one of the best times of the year. The opportunities for fun adventures with your four legged companion are endless! The fun in the sun does come with some risk however if you are not prepared for those extra hot days!

The importance of keeping your dog cool:

Dogs do not have the ability to sweat through their skin like humans which is why you often see them panting as a way to reduce their temperature. Dogs also rely on their nose and paws to regulate their body heat, this can often be an inefficient way of staying cool. Unfortunately dogs can suffer from heat stroke in a matter of minutes and often the results are fatal. It is crucial for your pets comfort and safety to make sure they have a place to cool off and relax when the temperature starts to rise! Check out some of the products we have designed to make sure your pet is cool this summer!


Foldable Dog Swimming Pools:

Our foldable dog pool has won several awards as the best dog pool on the market! We have designed this pool for ultimate durability and ease of use! Once filled you will see why dogs love it so much! Having a place for them to submerge themselves and cool off is a great way to help reduce your dogs internal temperature! You will have as much fun watching them go nuts over these foldable dog pools as your dog will with using it! 


Cooling Mats:

Pet cooling mats are a great way to help your dog beat the heat. The self cooling gel makes it simple to use and easy to transport. The cooling pad does not require water or freezing to work so you will always have it ready to go! Our cooling dog mats have been featured in publications such as the Seattle times! Check out our reviews to read some of our customer testimonies!

Portable Shade Tents:

A shady spot to relax and cool down is also a great option for summer months. Our portable pet tent offers a quick and portable solution for keeping your dog cool while on the go. The mesh walls and optional sun cover makes this great for traveling, camping or spending a day at the park! 

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