Training Tips For Stubborn Walkers

Training Tips For Stubborn Walkers

If you have ever owned a puppy or adopted a new dog you will surely know the struggle of teaching proper leas etiquette while on walks. Below we have compiled some helpful tricks and tips that will hopefully help turn that stubborn pup into a walking pro!


Tip 1. Get the Right Equipment! 

Training starts with having the proper equipment. We recomend using a harness that will provide a comfortable fit for your dog as well as allow you to maintain more controol over your dog during the training stage. Frontpet offers a wide variety of options including our training harness with pulling leash which will cover your pups back, the included leash will allow your dog to pull a little without adding too much tension to the leash. Allowing a little freedom in the beginning will help your dog gradually ease into the idea of being on a leash!



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